Och andra sätt att gå ner i vikt

Hon smal, han rund?

Hemligheten bakom ett lyckligt äktenskap behöver inte vara mer komplicerat än att makan är smalare än maken, enligt ny studie.

Läs hela artikeln i Daily Mail.

Marni  (kvxdptavjwg.com)

Looking good! I like the color options to speak about the fall- I was missing that in earlier inionnatcars. I get what you’re doing with scale, and it’s appropriate, but the hopeless storyteller in me wants at least a slim possibility that a green adventurer could sway the masses. Even if it’s a fraction of a percent.I majorly love the third tier of advances- totally cool that it’s all color and full of authority. I want to play that out and see what it looks like! I also just want to play again- the Redemption was great fun.

Stormy  (yknufsowt.com)

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Satchell  (fzpprygcj.com)

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